Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dabbling Preview: Mother's Day Breakfast

Hello fellow dabblers! I thought I would give you a preview of what I am planning to make my mom for breakfast this coming Sunday....I love to browse Martha Stewart's website for recipe ideas and I was looking at the "Mother's Day Brunch Recipes" photo gallery and saw this gem: Bacon, Egg and Toast Cups.

I love that each serving is a complete breakfast package. I think these little cups will make a really cute display, and what a great way to serve a big crowd.

I'm looking forward to switching up the recipe a little bit...I plan to use Sourdough Bread rubbed with garlic in the cups. I'm also going to top the egg cups with parmesan cheese and some chopped chives and parsley.

I plan to serve the  Bacon, Egg and Toast Cups with Cinnamon Rolls and fresh fruit.

My mom and I are going to do some gardening on Sunday after breakfast :) What are your Mother's Day plans? What will you be making?

Happy Early Mother's Day to all of the wonderful women out there!

-The Delicious Dabbler

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