Thursday, June 6, 2013

Are You Surprised?

In a recent post, I raved (perhaps too much) about the bacon at my favorite restaurant,  Wise Acre Eatery ("Wise Acres"). After reading about my love for this establishment once before, I imagine that you are not all that shocked that I have since been back. While it is first on my list for brunch, it is also very close to first on my list for lunch, or any other time I wish to be consuming and enjoying delicious food. This particular instance was an impromptu lunch date with my mom.

We shared a bowl of the chowder of the day, which was pork and garlic. Can we just talk about the chowder selections for a minute? Order the chowder! The flavor rotates, but consistently contains delicious pork and showcases simple and delicious flavors.

We also both ordered the brie and bacon burger...what a perfect combination. Melty brie, the freshness of basil, a juicy beef patty, and of course- a thick and crispy piece of bacon. Yummmm. The burger was served with crunchy fries, and housemade ketchup and pickles.

For the love of all things bacon, go order this burger. 

Happy local dining, 

-The Delicious Dabbler 

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