Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Brunch at Wise Acres

Yesterday was my grams and I's annual pot-planting party. It is one of my favorite spring traditions and the first time we have gotten to do it at our new house. During the move, my mom gifted 6 gorgeous, cobalt blue pots to us and they are the happiest part of our front step. This years mission was to fill them with color and joy.   
 Grams and I headed over to Tangletown Gardens to scope out the flower selection, only to realize that the store wasn't open for another half hour. What are two gardening gals to do?  Fear not for our time-occupying abilities...right across the street from Tangletown is the oasis known-as Wise Acre Eatery ("Wise Acres"). 
Wise Acres is a farm-to-table eatery (the food is sourced from the Tangletown Garden 100-acre farm located in Plato, MN),  and is my favorite restaurant in our neighborhood...given the number of fabulous restaurants in Minneapolis- that is truly saying something. What is it about this place besides the wonderful ingredients and the blend of agricultural/industrial/modern decor (the restaurant is located in a renovated auto-body shop)? It's the BACON. Berkshire and Large Black hogs are raised on the farm and provide the delicious pork that permeates the Wise Acres menu. From the daily-chowder, to the breakfast dishes, to the brie and bacon burger,  to the butter that is served with a side of bread...I highly encourage you to consume something with pork. 

Before I end my pork-ramble, I will also throw out to you dabblers that in the warm seasons, the walk-up counter at Wise Acres is the perfect stop for house-made custard in a waffle cone, particularly if the flavor of the day is mint-chocolate chip. Just saying. Okay, now to the point :) My impromptu stop at my favorite spot reminded me that I had brunch photos that I had yet to share with you all. Given the number of times that I find myself eating here, not having a post about Wise Acres seemed like a food-blogging crime. These photos are from earlier this month, a Sunday-brunching adventure with my dad. 

My favorite way to start all mornings: delicious tea. 

Wise Acres has wonderful baked goods, and you can scope-out the choices as you walk by the counter to your table. My choice was a lavender-strawberry scone and it was marvelous. 

My dad went with the espresso donut-muffin. Think about the taste and consistency of a light cake donut, in the form of a muffin, that has been rolled in cinnamon, sugar, and espresso. Yum. 

My dad ordered the CSA Hash: scrambled eggs with herbs over an assortment of delicious veggies, served with herb aioli, toast, and most importantly...a generous portion of cottage bacon. 

I ordered the special that morning. Pulled pork served over toasted tortilla strips with green pepper sauce, and topped with two poached eggs. It was Cinco de Mayo weekend and this creation was the perfect choice. 

So if you find yourself hungry and remotely near Nicollet Ave S, hurry over to this wonderful spot and feast :)

-The Delicious Dabbler

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