Monday, May 20, 2013

Here's What's Been Happening

Hi dabblers, what a two-week whirlwind it has been! Now that the whirling dervish is over...I owe you all an update, in pictures of course :)

1. The end of my graduate program. I survived what may be my final round of last-minute paper submissions and large presentations. In our last practicum class, we all got to share one piece that we have taken away from our work with others this year. My amazing friend shared this; her mantra before entering her building to work with youth in crisis. An amazing testament to the power of listening more, judging less, and honoring the experiences of others.

2. I said goodbye to my amazing internship site and coworkers on the St. Paul Campus. I will miss seeing this guy on my walk in.

3. Naturally, a proper goodbye includes baked goods. I made an adapted version of this recipe from Ina Garten (reduced the sugar by 1/2c and substituted dried lemon peel powder from Penzey Spices because we were out of lemons that morning). They turned out wonderfully and hubs scored a few bonus muffins for breakfasts that week.

4. I took several lovely walks around Lake Harriet. With my internship completed, I have a bit more flexibility in my schedule until my new position starts in a few weeks. The first picture is my morning walk; slightly overcast with a beautiful view of the city. The second photo is the same day in the late afternoon. The sun had come out and so did the sail boats :)

5. I officially graduated from my program. What a happy day of celebration with my amazing classmates and friends. (group photo credit to SX).

6. The celebration continued with my family at Annie's on campus. Burgers, fries, malts, and floats. Perfection. It was also a great full-circle moment for me. Annie's was hubs' and I's go-to date spot during college, my family celebrated there after my undergraduate gradation, and hubs and I shot some of our engagement photos there. It couldn't have been more fitting to celebrate the end of my graduate program there as well. 

Post-graduation, hubs and I undertook a patio project in the backyard with the help of my amazing family. We are about half-way through with that are hoping to wrap it up this coming weekend. During the work, I consumed copious amounts of Arnie Palmers. My favorite mix: 3 parts iced-tea (mint-green tea this weekend), 1 part lemonade, muddled mint leaves, and ice. Delicious :)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, 

-The Delicious Dabbler

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