Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ice Cream with Cocoa and Cinnamon

After writing yesterday's post, and thinking about Wise Acres custard served in a mason jar topped with hot fudge...I had an overwhelming craving for dessert of the chocolate kind. I began to peruse hot fudge recipes online, only to realize that I lacked all the necessary ingredients and I was looking for less of a time gap between "no chocolate in my life" and "chocolate in my life."

Enter into the chocolate-less equation, this simple little recipe inspiration from my mom. Vanilla ice cream, sprinkled with cocoa powder and cinnamon. 
It is an incredibly easy and delicious way to satisfy a desserty/chocolate craving (yes, desserty is a word). Is it a glamorous and rich hot fudge sundae that I would serve at a dinner party? Definitely not. Is it a wonderful concoction that I would serve to a dinner party of 1? Definitely yes. 

What are your weekday go-to dessert recipes? you know of a good hot fudge sauce recipe? If so, please pass that chocolate knowledge this way :)

-The Delicious Dabbler

ps. A bonus shot of the view on my couch today. 

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