Saturday, September 21, 2013

Saturday Simple Happinesses: Earl Grey Tea Latte

I am having one of those mornings where it seems like everything on your to-do list is blissfully accomplishable, but that you just really shouldn't start accomplishing anything yet. After a hectic work week, I am basking in a slow start to Saturday with my girls. T was up and out early for a Saturday golfing session, but yours truly managed to sleep in a full hour and a half later that weekday awake-time. 

One of things that helped my thurvival (thrive+survive #cspp) this week was the discovery that Starbucks makes Early Grey Tea Lattes. True confessions...I really dislike the taste of coffee. I adore the smell and truly appreciate the way adding just  a bit intensifies the taste of chocolate in baked goods (how can you not appreciate that?), but I've just never been a coffee drinker. 
As my Saturday Simple Happinesses gift to myself this morning, I decided to try and recreate my latest favorite at home. 
To begin, I brewed half a cups worth of earl grey tea and let it steep while I heated the milk, in order to have an intense flavor base. 
Then, I warmed up about a 1/2 cup of  2% milk in a saucepan over medium heat on the stove. When it was hot, I poured into my Bodum milk frother...I love this little guy. 
After about 30 seconds of aeration, the milk nearly tripled in volume and was ready to become a part of my luscious latte. 
Add the milk to to the tea and there she blows (yes, funny nautical phrasery just randomly popped into my mind). Frothy, yummy, a touch of caffeine, and a motivational mug. 
So, now I am enjoying this lovely drink, in the company of this even better view:
Happy slow Saturday to you all, 

-The Delicious Dabbler

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