Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving Table Inspiration

Happy Thanksgiving week dabblers! We had the "What's your favorite Thanksgiving food?" chat at work today and it made me so excited for Thursday...I will be a devoted stuffing fan for life. T and I are hosting Thanksgiving again this year and my excitement and hyper-organization for the holiday is growing :) Seeing things like "bake pies" on my task list is so much more pleasant than some other possible items. 

We have 6 humans and 3 dogs attending this year, so a bit of a smaller crew than last year. Football, festivity, and food consumption (you know I love alliteration) are on the docket starting at 11am. Just like last year, I thought I would give you a sneak peak at the beginnings of our Thanksgiving table:

Last year, we staged appetizers on our actual dining table and set up a longer table in the living room to accommodate everyone. With our smaller crew this year, we are returning to the dining room. I remixed a few items from last year: the orange paper, burlap runner, and our tall glass candlestick holders. I love the combination of natural/earthy elements, with a huge punch of glamor. 

I have these Kate Spade dessert plates on the table as bread plates. They were a wedding gift from my grandma and their polka-dotted splendor makes me smile. 

 They come in a set of 4, with two large polka-dot plates, and two of the smaller polka-dot plates pictured above. They are super festive and I love the way they reflect light and play off of the crystal stemware. I am still trying to decide on what napkin/flatware arrangement I am going to go with this year. Kevin Sharkey posted some great ideas on the Martha Stewart Home Design blog, so I am looking there for inspiration.

I have two different vases on the table on either side of the glass candlesticks. My plan is to pick up flowers on Thursday morning. I am thinking something with a large, soft bloom...maybe in white or cream. There are also plenty of wonderful fall-colored options at the store right now...we'll see!

This birch centerpiece is repurposed from T and I' wedding decor. I swapped out the original emerald green ribbon for navy to contrast with the orange and play off the metallic. I would be fine with all birch everything...it's my favorite. 

So dabblers, save a few flowers and candles, this Thanksgiving table is ready to go! Last night, I went to the co-op to pick up all of my other ingredients...and I got a hot apple cider :)
My meal contributions this year:
  • Pies! 3 pies, 6 people. I think that's a pretty good ratio. I am making apple, pecan, and pumpkin. I'm planning to make some maple whipped cream to top those off and I picked up some vanilla ice cream last night as well. I nearly walked out of the store without it, which would have been a crime, as T's dad really only thinks of pie as a vesicle for eating vanilla ice cream. 
  • Stuffing...I'm a pretty traditional stuffing gal, but I might make a separate small pan with mushrooms and cranberries thrown in this year.
  • Sweet potatoes...I'll be roasting these tonight and then finishing them off the day of. Think orange zest, brown sugar, nutmeg, and marshmallows...T has been trying to sneak the mallows for the last week. 
  • Mashed potatoes and gravy....lots of butter. 
  • Cranberries...my mom's recipe and one of my favorite things to make too much of so I can eat them for the next week. 
My dad is making the turkey...he's already claiming it will be blog-post worthy, so watch out! T's mom is bringing rolls, sides, and appetizers, and T's sister is in charge of coffee with dessert.  

I can't wait for this day and am grateful for the privilege to share a wonderful meal with family. I know my dogs are looking forward to this day too....last year, I caught my dad red-handed feeding Rosy turkey straight from the bird in the kitchen. I guess when you bring the turkey, all bets are off?

Wishing you and yours a beautiful Thanksgiving holiday, 

-The Delicious Dabbler

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