Saturday, March 16, 2013

Saturday Simple Happinesses

This weekend marks the beginning of spring break for the U, meaning vacation from work and grad school for me :) Last night, we headed south for warmer FL temperatures...naturally, MN bade us a warm goodbye via freezing rain and snow. Minny, I love you...but, we need some time apart. 

1. A thank you "stack" for my mom who is spending time with our pooches while we are out of town. 

2. A pre-departure snack, stove top-popped popcorn with butter and sea salt. One of my favorites. 

3. A surprise gift, just in time for St. Patrick's Day! A very happy tea towel. Thanks, T!

4. An airport indulgence. 

5. Eating breakfast on the lanai. 

6. Getting to watch Pelican Patrol. 

Happy weekend dabblers. Hope yours is filled with a few moments of vacation-like feelings and sunshine. 

-The Delicious Dabbler

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