Saturday, March 30, 2013

Saturday Simple Happinesses

Today it truly feels as though spring has arrived in Minnesota. The sun is shining and there are big puddles all along the sidewalks...the girls had quite the time with those on our walk today :) Today, hubs and I took my mom out for lunch for four reasons: 
1. To say happy early birthday. 
2. To say thanks for watching the dogs while we were in Florida. 
3. To try Hello Pizza!
4. Because she is the best. 

1. Birthday/thank you/you're-the-best flowers. 

2. Our table number. We ordered a bunch of things and shared. The food was divine and the atmosphere is simple, bright, and happy. Pictures and more details coming soon. 

3. Saturday afternoon nap patrol. Apparently walking around the block is enough to knock both of them out. Bailey, ever hopeful, brought her ball over...just in case he wakes up and wants to play. 

Happy sunny Saturday to you all, 

-The Delicious Dabbler


  1. Thanks Dabbler! I love this post and I love you!

  2. I read this post and I would so love to be your next door neighbor:) 1. for left-overs 2. to see you and Tim so deliciously happy together on a regular basis 3. to toss the ball for Bailey and her "please, someone play with me eyes" and 4. because you are simply the most amazing and lovely woman!!

    Miss you so much
    PS 5. I could so use those big Rosie belly barks and total cuddles from her too:)

    1. Thank you :) The girls and I both miss you and are thinking of you!