Saturday, March 2, 2013

Saturday Simple Happinesses

I have declared this day to be "Self-care Saturday" and am filling it with things that recharge, rejuvenate, and in general just make my smile. Small things that are bringing happiness to me today:

1. Getting up to the gym for 9:15am spin class with my favorite instructor. He plays the best music and the workout is killer. I got a bike in this wonderful sunbeam and was able to bask the whole class.

2. Post-spin breakfast. Swiss muesli from our co-op topped with sliced apples, raisins, and cinnamon.

3. My little love. Always hopeful that a game of fetch is in her near future. After composing this post, we are headed to the dog park. More sunshine and more smiles as I watch our dogs frolicking around and getting great exercise.

4. After the dog park, T (hubster) and I are campus-bound. We are taking in the final Gopher basketball home game today. The picture above is from Tuesday's win over #1-ranked Indiana. Look closely for a bonus laugh (Dwight's face). 

Wishing you a great weekend, filled with many small self-care moments. 

-The Delicious Dabbler

Ps. Happy birthday to my beautiful sister in law. Sending extra love to you today!

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