Sunday, January 20, 2013

Patisserie 46

Earlier this week, I met a great friend for brunching and chatting at one of my favorite spots, Patisserie 46...a true neighborhood gem with wonderful pastries, breads, quiche, and coffee. Patisserie 46 is always bustling with friendly energy and  the delicious smells of espresso and baked goods. 
The display of freshly baked treats makes it very hard to decide on just one. 

Pain au can you go wrong? My friend took one of these beauties home for a later-in-the-day treat. They have sweet, savory, and traditional croissants and the flaky layers of thin, buttery pastry are delicious. One bite and I am transported back to Paris and this trip.

The quiche offerings rotate daily and are served with field greens. Pictured above is the ham and cheese. The crust has the same lovely light and flaky quality of the croissants, but is substantial enough to hold up to the decadent creaminess of the quiche. Simple, rich, and delicious. 

While the cozy smells of coffee abound, they also have a wonderful tea menu. Pictured above is the blossoming green tea.

If you are looking for a great new breakfast option, or are in need of a beautifully crafted dessert, I recommend a visit to this wonderful place. On the coldest day of the year in Minnesota so far, I am imagining sitting at one of the cafe tables outside in the summer...sipping an iced tea and noshing on croissants after a walk around nearby Lake Harriet. No need to break in to this peaceful moment with reminders that we haven't even gotten to February yet. 

Cheers to small gatherings with great friends and delicious food, 

-The Delicious Dabbler

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