Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Simple Happinesses

Today is one of those rare and fabulous days full of a wonderful blend of getting things done and absorbing simple happinesses while other words, today I have the day off :) 
The sun is shining in Minnesota today and it is unseasonably warm...the kind of day that makes you wish spring was coming a little bit sooner, and also the kind of day that makes you appreciate how beautifully the snow reflects the sunshine. 

In honor of this day, I am hoping to start a new feature on this blog that captures simple happinesses...little things that I am grateful for and that make me smile. 

1. This simple and heavenly breakfast, enjoyed late in the morning after making it to spin class at our gym. Greek yogurt, covered with organic raspberries, and walnuts, drizzled with Honl's Bees Honey (Winthrop, MN). I love using frozen berries that I thaw and keep in the fridge for this because of the wonderful juice. 

2. A cup of green tea in a vintage tea cup that my grandma gave me many years ago. Tea parties with grams are a favorite memory from my childhood. 

3. This face.  A day off means extra time with my girls. They are tired after a game of fetch in the park. Bailey is cuddling up with her favorite bear, and you can see Rosy in the background...already napping it out. 

I hope that whether you are working, or enjoying a day off like me, you are able to reflect on your day and find one or two simple happinesses that bring a smile to your face. 

-The Delicious Dabbler

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