Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Birthday Dinner at The Oceanaire

Yesterday was my husband's birthday and to celebrate, we went to The Oceanaire in downtown Minneapolis. This was my first time since they moved to a new location. We enjoyed the cool blue ambience (you'll notice the tinted mood lighting throughout the photos) and delicious food. It was a fun evening get away...a fine dining escape from our normal routine. 

I am still enthralled with these personalized menus...what a wonderful and simple idea to make guests feel welcome and celebrated. 

Delicious wine accompanied soup and entree courses. My husband ordered the steak and shrimp special, which was drizzled with Bearnaise sauce... the low lighting in the restaurant doesn't do the food photos justice, but know that I happily snuck across the table with my sourdough bread and sampled some...and, then came back for more. 

The perfect end to an indulgent evening of celebrating? Dark chocolate turtle cheesecake with a candle on top :)

An extra happy birthday wish to my best friend and the biggest fan of my delicious dabbling (especially these). 

-The Delicious Dabbler


  1. Looks like the perfect romantic birthday. Such fun. Keep it up. Happy Birthday Tim. Love you both.