Saturday, February 9, 2013

Saturday Simple Happinesses

This morning, I have an overarching simple happiness...we got a juicer! I have been lusting after one of these for quite some time and a home electronics sale at Macy's finally tipped me over the purchasing edge. That, and we had uber amounts of carrots in the fridge and every time I pondered what to do with them, I started craving carrot juice. 

1. The beautiful machine all set up and ready to go. 

2. My sous chef Bailey.  As you can see from the extreme intensity of that stare, she loves carrots. 

3. Sliced green apple to throw in the with the carrots for some sweetness. 

4. The final product. Delicious...and so nutritious. 

5. The leftover fiber from the carrots and apples.  It seemed such a shame to dispose of it, so drawing inspiration from this recipe, I decided to make breakfast muffins. 

6. Happily awaiting oven entry. 

7. A delicious late breakfast for me, with just the right amount of butter :)

Happy weekend, 

-The Delicious Dabbler

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