Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Snook Inn, Marco Island

What a truly funny weather day we are having. The comedic-highlight for me occurred this afternoon on the St. Paul U of M campus. I happened upon the U of M plant sale as I was leaving work and during the last hour of the sale, everything was 50% off. 10 arborvitae trees later, I was hauling a flat of 5 foot trees 1/2 a mile to my car with swirling snow and minimal visibility. My future plant privacy fence is now happily resting in our dining room next to the window, waiting for winter to end and the ground to thaw. 

Perhaps finishing up my series of Florida posts will bring about the end of the blizzard we are currently experiencing...? 

Let's go with that theory. 

Enter into our blizzard-ending theory, the Snook favorite, quirky, delicious, best-dine-in-scenery, location in Marco. 
The Snook is located right on the water and if you happen to be traveling by boat, you can pull right up to the dock for dinner. 

That view is pretty hard to beat. In the background is the bridge onto Marco Island. 

Hello friend. 

I absolutely love a good-sized water glass. 

We started with calamari, one of my all-time food favorites. I loved the simplicity of this version. Light batter, a healthy dose of black pepper,  and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice...wonderful :)

I went with the broiled seafood combo: shrimp, grouper, scallops, and mahi-mahi surrounded a delicious portion of crab stuffing. 

Crab + stuffing = happiness. 

Despite the waterfront-setting, hubs went with his typical: steak. 

After dinner, we sat along the dock and took in the view. 

Just floatin'. 

We saw three dolphins  and naturally, we named them and created background stories for their fishing and swimming patterns. Just as hubs was trying to convince me we had seen enough, we saw a fish jump out of the water only to be caught mid-air by the open mouth of one of our storied dolphins. It was quite the thrilling end to our dining experience. 

This sign made me laugh at the time. In light of today's weather, it is even better. 1 will be towed!!

Happy blizzarding, 

-The Delicious Dabbler

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