Tuesday, April 23, 2013

From Shoveling Out to Grilling Out

Today's walk into work looked like this:

Beautiful, snow-covered campus. Despite the residual frustration with this prolonged winter, it was lovely to take a few moments to appreciate the serene setting. 

The photo below is my favorite...a visual representation of how our spring has gone so far. 

By the time I left work, the sun was shining and had melted all the snow off these bikes. There is something about spring sunshine that lifts your soul and just makes things better. On the drive home, I was overcome with the desire to do summer things. That desire, combined with general hungriness led me to stop into the grocery store for ground  beef and fixings for cheeseburgers. 

Lean ground beef patties simply seasoned with salt, pepper, and worcestershire sauce. 

Yay for being able to use the grill. Hubs was in charge of grilling the burgers. 

In the meantime, I worked on our burger accoutrements. Whole wheat buns with mayonnaise, butter leaf lettuce and onions; pear slices, and ketchup and mustard in small dishes. What you can't see in this photo are the tater tots that were baking away in the oven. Yes, you read correctly...tots, the most delicious childhood (and let's be honest, all times) snack ever. Cascadian Farms makes a great organic option called "spud puppies."

I bought these small dishes at a local asian market. A fun and classy way to display simple condiments. 

The whole meal, tots and all :) Looks like a happy spring day on a plate. 

Cheers to sunshine, 

-The Delicious Dabbler

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